Furtive Musings of a Programmer

Guten Tag. I’m Mike Wild, better (well, not really) known as Nordkril. I’m interested in programming, photography, imaginary culture jamming, and—like those that inspire me—any other activities of an inquisituve, hack-ish nature.

I’m an undergraduate Electronic Engineering student. If I'm not drinking you'll either find me writing code, or disassembling something. Occasionally you might also find me working; but only if the moon is blue.

I have a blog which helps me keep track of things I've done, and things I should do one day - you might find some of it useful too. And, oh god help me, I have recently discovered Twitter.

Feel free to email me at nordkril@about.me with your rants and raves should you feel so inclined. It gets lonely and it's always nice to hear from someone who's taken the time to write.

Thank you for dropping by.