This is is a digital product that allows everyone to write text more beautifully on any social media platform. This is made possible by using machine learning. Our product is inspirational and stylish with the aim to work automagically in anyone’s hand.

This is Team

Our team is built by individuals with an entrepreneurial attitude. We are all passionate about how people can express themselves in text and how can take a natural position in our life. We come from different experiences and backgrounds, but we all share the same passion to give birth to 

Fredrik Wrahme - Founder

Fredrik is a true entrepreneur with a go-get-it attitude. He has been building brands and products all over Europe. Fredrik has a strategic mindset that constantly evolves around creating brands built on true customer values. He is a co-founder of Keyflow, and was recently involved in taking Rebtel to the next brand level. Prior to that he held the responsibility of Tele2 global marketing.

“Our vision for is to make everyone feel they can be a writer. This is something the brand and the product will constantly support. If becomes your private editor, it’s a big win for everyone. Text has the possibility to capture ideas and thoughts far better than images. It is just the power that needs to be released!

Martin Agebrandt - Co Founder and CEO

Martin is an international marketer with experiences from different industries, both as a consultant and as a brand owner. He has a “nothing is impossible” personality and is filled with energy and great ideas. Martin has in-depth knowledge of graphic design and especially typographies from his previous role in brand management. He has worked in growth roles in companies such as Tele2, Ogilvy and Vodafone.

“ has a great potential to break the barriers for people to express themselves, their thoughts and feelings, put into text. The users will get a digital tool that combines text improvements, typography and graphic design. Through these three elements, creates a message that stands out in today's social media channels.”

Product Manager - Open position and under recruitment

Marketing Manager - On board

This person need to have a broad skillset that spans from conceptualizing ideas into products, based on a deep understanding of user behavior and how to take that further into beautiful visual design. With a startup mentality, this person will constantly improve to the next level. 

This person is an experienced social marketer who knows how to create brands, content and acquire users through the contemporary media channels in the US. 

Does it sounds like and amazing product and great team? Are you still curious about or do you want to join our journey? Drop a mail to us.