Oct 29, 2013

Getting chart tools

Getting chart tools in incredible HTML5 format than Flash

Graphs and charts are a great way to break down the details at hand to the user in a descriptive and visually enticing manner. These are often employed in nearly every position over the internet, in the news articles and the presentation materials and even in books like comics. As you can find an amount of vendors catering special kind of features and certain limitations seen in the current market, it is therefore very much vital to keenly select the topmost charting tool in order to find the tasks done. Despite having some of the inherent glitches out there, the vendors just had been catering an amount of Flash based products without seeking the help of underpinning technology options.

Now with the arrival of new standard, HTML5is slowly bringing the winds of change as the base of judgment for dynamically enabling and providing some of the important charting functionality that were not realistic before. The beauty of HTML5 is in its ability to fit nicely across multiple platforms and devices where it especially excels in running on both Linux and Apple's MAC OSX. In terms of performance, HTML5 renders charts 58% faster than the conventional counterpart. You may barely any updates coming from Apple and Microsoft concerning flash compatibility over different browsers and an amount of devices, HTML5 seems to get a smarter and improved kind of momentum, which is also very much relevant for the charting vendor too.

Canvas and SVG are both HTML5 technologies that allow developers to create rich functionalities and graphics inside charts. With the help of SVG based charting functions the developers can for sure help you a lot in simply enabling a simple kind of vector graphics and the static animations to incorporating and designing a highly interactive kind of user interface and advance degree animation effects. Similarly, Canvas is especially versatile in that its JavaScript API allows developers to programmatically enable a drawing operation for creating dynamic and flexible bars, lines, pie charts and much more.

Of the two technical branches of HTML5, KoolChart offers a Canvas based charting key with higher functions such as Real-Time monitoring charts and slide charts, which are easy to use and unique only to the company's product. For additional facts on the challenge and demo versions, you can download and try them over the site html5 chart

Oct 9, 2013

# Using pie

Using pie and line charts in different kinds of content really makes the difference

Today, the use of different types of charts and tables has just grown out of proportion. These are generally found in different kind of content including media reports, marketing and other academic stuff too . These are used for myriad reasons, which comprise making the content easily understandable and presentable before the target audience. In this manner, the message you have in the content can be easily transpired to the people without any issue or problem. These are recognized as infographics in the modern world, which has great significance these days in marketing content especially meant for the web medium. There are several amounts of charting software tools and apps, which simply offer you a wide range of paid and free charts for several content development projects. Let's check the common types of charts used in different content as under:

A pie chart is also called as a circle graph, which is basically a circular chart that is divided into different sectors that illustrate numerical proportion. All these charts are called as pie due to its similarity to a pie shape, which is found in a sliced portion that can be discovered in variations for presented the data . The name pie chart was employed initially the very first time in the book of William Playfair in the year 1801 recognized as Statistical Breviary . Hence you can see the use of these charts has simply outgrown since past two centuries .

A line chart or the line graph is basically a kind of chart that showcases several particulars or information like the series of data points, which are correlated by simple straight line segments. This is basically a one of the most fundamental chart, which is admired in a quantity of fields. The line charts are regularly used to showcase the trend in any data in an accurate phase of time; hence you will see the line is often drawn chronologically. So, if you have any scattered data, using the line based charts are the topmost way to present it in a more useable and simple fashion.

On the contrary, the web chart is meant to use dissimilar types of charts over the internet. These are used in a number of formats and reports in fields like media, ad world, colleges and universities along with an amount of other places. Hence if you are keen to make your content very much interesting, fair and compatible to the audience, using these real time charts can really add some spice in your data.