Jan 10, 2012

Love the new Path and after using it for a few weeks I can now see where we're headed with social media mobile use (I'm using Path in examples below, but who knows what it will be in a year or two). A lot of this sharing might happen for you alone, as a diary of a sort:

Your phone wakes you up; that automatically triggers a Path update to your close friends you're up on a sunny day in Vancouver

You Like a song playing on the radio - Path's been listening for a few seconds before you pressed the Like button and has already looked up the song Shazam-like and posts the name and album

You travel to a different city/neighbourhood - Path sees an unusual change in your location and posts "Arrived to White Rock" to your stream

You drink an exceptional bottle of wine and snap a photo of it - Path looks up the name and vintage and posts it to your stream

You meet with a Path friend - your joint friends see that automatically in their timeline

A lot of this requires a very tight social network, which hasn't been a trend outside Path environment.

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