Dec 12, 2012

The latest update to the massive State of the Internet slide deck from Kleiner Perkins' Mary Meeker dropped a few days ago with lots of great information. There is a lot to learn from it but I will pull out some notable facts of particular interest to those dabbling in the app economy.

  • China now has more smartphone subscribers (270M) than the US (172M) [Slide 7]

  • iPad sales growth is three times faster than iPhone. (Slide 9)

  • Android is even faster at 6x of iPhone's sales growth. [Slide 10]

  • Still, only 20% of all mobile phone users are on smartphones so there is still a lot of growth to be had. [Slide 11]

  • The most coveted item by American kids is... an iPad. [Slide 13]

  • Mobile traffic is now 13% of all Internet traffic (in India it's already over 50%). [Slide 15]

  • Mobile monetization has grown by almost 50% in 2012, 67% of that in app sales and 33% in mobile ads. [Slide 17]

  • The huge opportunity in mobile is the fact that 10% of media time is spent on mobile, yet it only garners 1% of overall ad spend. [Slide 19]

  • iOS and Android together now own 45% of operating system share, compared to Windows at 35%. [Slide 24]

  • There should be more phones and tablets in use by Q2 of 2013 than there are PCs. [Slide 26]

  • Waze (the free navigation app) is now adding more users each month than the number of portable navigation devices sold. [Slide 34]

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