Maurice Cherry

This is a media experiment.

Jan 24, 2012

Testing out looks like a very nifty idea for a quick, easy, and painless blog setup!

The beauty of is its simplicity. All you need to do is edit a text file, save it, and you've already posted your blog. And while knowledge of the Markdown language is required, it's not wholly necessary in order to create a post. Creating posts from within the online editor is simple, and even includes formatting buttons for bold and italic text, ordered and unordered lists, blockquotes, and three levels of headings (h1, h2, h3).

Here's an example style guide:

Heading Level 1

Heading Level 2

Heading Level 3

Bold text, Italic text, Bold and italic text

text in a code format

An ordered list

  1. Hey!
  2. Hey!
  3. Hey!

An unordered list

  • Life
  • Liberty
  • Pursuit of happiness

And this is a blockquote. Additional formatting can be done within the blockquote as well. Example: this is bold text

And here's an image of a kitty!

*meow meow*

See? Simple.