Developer blog

Sep 5, 2012

Updates, get your updates

Today sees the most significant set of changes to since launch. Take a look at our press release, which has the lowdown on all the changes: overhauled with powerful new features, official API and first partnered app

Weblog publishing platform is implausibly excited to announce new features and upgrades designed to further simplify the act of blogging. We think weblog tools and platforms should stay out of the way to let writers write, and our new features were built with precisely this in mind.

For the uninitiated, is a tool for generating simple, elegant, static weblogs by reading Markdown files stored in the user's Dropbox folder. Writers are free to write with their preferred editor app, and publishing is as easy as hitting the "Synchronize" button in the dashboard. Alternatively, there's a dead-simple online editor that can also be used to compose and publish posts. uses the gloriously-simple Markdown file format, which means text formatting, post titles, dates and tags are handled right inside the user's editor of choice. No endless text fields to fill in. No HTML to mistype. No hassle.

Today, we're unveiling the brand new website with an entirely redesigned public site, and an overhauled Dashboard for our users. An improved online editor makes it even easier to create and manage posts from within the site—especially on the go. We moved all the tools and settings out of the way so that once you're up and running you can forget about the details (though they're easy to get at should you need to make changes, such as setting up a custom domain.)

We're positively tickled to announce that Mou is our first partnered app which supports direct publishing to weblogs, while still storing files in your Dropbox folder. Mou is a simple, elegant Markdown editor with live preview panel so you can see how your posts will be formatted as you write them. We think it's an excellent way to update your weblog without even having to launch a browser window, and takes us a giant step closer to our aim of making invisible to the user.

Mou is the first app to make use of our API, officially launched today. This coincides with a dedicated Developers area of the redesigned website, where devs can add their apps and find complete API documentation. We'll be rapidly expanding the range of supported API calls in the coming days and weeks, so that developers will be able to add publishing support to their editors, or create their very own dedicated clients.

We've added a beautiful new default weblog theme to our range, with support for a personalized cover and profile images and accent color. As with all our themes, the new default is elegant, readable, and, we think, among the most beautiful on the web. And we've added Twitter and Facebook integration so that new weblog posts can be shared automatically through users' off-site social streams.

And though our focus is on ease and simplicity, this is not at the expense of power for those that want it. HTML and CSS templates remain fully customizable, and we've now added support for custom post variables so that users can, for example, create and style a variety of types of post for their weblogs.

Though remains in Beta, our expanded team is working hard to create the simplest publishing tool out there for writers and storytellers. And to give users as much choice as possible we're working on alternatives to Dropbox file storage, so users aren't tied to any one backup service.

With this latest update, by far the most extensive to date, we think there's never been a better time to try