Developer blog

Feb 5, 2012

Sunday batch no. 2

Funny that Sundays seems to be the day to broadcast fixes and additions. Here is the list of last week of fun:

Bugs & tweaks

  • Pagination bug on custom domains fixed
  • Facebook ’like’ button now points to correct URL in the default theme
  • Posts sorting by date & time finally corrected
  • Blank page bug when loading posts and pages in the online text editor now fixed

New & addons

  • The bookmarklet (v1). Automatically quotes selected text, or auto generate img link from URLs that ends with either .png, .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif, auto generate embed codes from Youtube, Vimeo, and Flickr.
  • ~3 times faster post synching to
  • Filenames now works with foreign characters
  • HTML converted safe URLs based on foreign titles and slugs now available
  • Finally modified the custom domain information text and added info about CNAME as well.
  • Archive group by Year+Month


  • iOS app
  • UI/UX/Design changes
  • API calls for 3rd party development