Developer blog

Aug 13, 2015

Mou and

Happy to announce that the first ever approved application that is using our API is here. It’s the wonderful text/Markdown editor Mou. From here you can publish and update posts. The editor will automatically save the file on your Dropbox as well as push it to

Mou is designed and developed by the amazing Chen Luo who’s also behind the apps Smaller, Resize and Toau. Mou is great. It’s described as “When current available Markdown editors are almost all for general writers, Mou is different: It's for web developers. Syntax highlighting, live preview, sync scroll, fullscreen mode, auto save, powerful actions, auto pair, custom themes and CSS, HTML and PDF export, enhanced CJK support. I know, it's exactly the app you want.”

If you’re planning on using Mou, please support Chen by donating a few bucks. It’s well worth it.