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writers and storytellers.


Scriptogr.am puts your words on the web as quickly and easily as can be. Working with your chosen environment, from the app you write with to the café you sit in, Scriptogr.am stays out of your way until the moment you're ready to publish.

Put simply, Scriptogr.am is a tool for generating simple, elegant, static weblogs by reading Markdown files stored in your Dropbox folder. Writers are free to write with their preferred editor app, and publishing is as easy as hitting the "Synchronize" button in the Scriptogr.am dashboard.

You might call it a blogging platform, but we like to think of it as both more and less than that. More, because we think that once you've tried it, you'll find it as indispensable to your writing as your keyboard or word processor. Less, because it's an absurdly simple way of updating a beautiful weblog.

How simple? Posting to your Scriptogr.am blog is as easy as saving a file in your Scriptogr.am folder and hitting “Synchronize” from your Dashboard.

And if you use a Scriptogr.am-partnered app, you can publish right from your writing environment. Or, if you prefer, you can publish effortlessly using our online editor. Whichever way you choose, Scriptogr.am is designed to be invisible. And because Scriptogr.am uses the gloriously-simple Markdown file format, text formatting, post titles, dates and tags are handled right inside the user's editor of choice. No endless text fields to fill in. No HTML to mistype. No hassle.

Choose any of the beautiful weblog templates from our theme directory, or if you prefer, use your own. Want a custom domain name? No problem. It's your weblog. You own your words.

We made Scriptogr.am to take the pain out of web publishing. We made Scriptogr.am for writers and storytellers.

We would also like to thank Daniel Gueorguiev and Peter Olofsson for the delicious photos used on the site.

We build Scriptogr.am

Scriptogr.am is built by a small team in chilly Stockholm, sunny Palo Alto, and foggy San Francisco.

Andreas Pihlström

Andreas Pihlström

André Orefjärd

Raphael Schaad

Fredrik Wrahme

Fredrik Wrahme

Jonas Blomdin

Jonas Blomdin

Måns Jacobsson Hosk

Måns Jacobsson Hosk


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