Michael Mathews

development blog
May 21, 2012

So I think I've finally found my blogging platform... Scriptogr.am. It's the perfect fusion of dropbox and Markdown that I've been looking for.

I mainly work with javascript, so that's what you can expect to find here. Small demos and examples of all the front end dev work that I'm getting up to... exciting right?

To get things started I've created a small script taking inspiration from Josh Earls post. It allows you to quickly get a new blog post up and running with scriptogr.am, just enter a post title and it's all set, easy.


shortDate=`date +"%y-%m-%d"`
filename=`date +"%y-%m-%d".md`
[ "$1" ] && title="$1" || title="New Title"

echo "---
Title: $title
Date: $shortDate
Published: false
---" > $filename

Usage (title is optional)

sh post.sh "<title>"