Storm Chase Tours

I have compiled the following list after scouring the internet for information. Evidently there are currently thirteen different active storm-chasing tours operating in the United States! I will update this list as is necessary, but this is a good place to start looking for and comparing tours. They are listed here in the order in which I found them.

I will say one thing - if you want to get in on one of these tours for the 2012 storm chase season, you'd better hurry! Some tours have only one or two slots left open!

[Last update: March 27, 2012]

TRADD Tornado Chasing Tours

  • Chase Team: The Buck family

  • Founded: 1995 in Abilene, Texas

  • Prices: One week - $1999; Two weeks - $3299

  • Promo video: Download Here

Tempest Tours

  • Chase Team: Martin Lisius, William T. Reid, Brian Morganti, Dr. Bob Conzemius, Dr. Charles "Chuck" Doswell, III, Kinney Adams, Keith B. Brown, Scott Weberpal, Chris Gullickson, Brad Carter

  • Founded: 2000

  • Prices: From $1445 for a 4-day chase to $2145/week (price per person for two people)

  • Promo video:

Storm Chasing Adventure Tours

  • Chase Team: Todd Thorn, Matt Amesz, Chris Brown, Steve Carey, Andrea Dyer, Diana Fierro, Kevin Harned, Ryan Hoke, Robert Koch, Shane Linke, Jason Moreland, Chad van Soest

  • Founded: 1997

  • Prices: $2400/week

  • Promo video: On their FAQ page

Silver Lining Tours

  • Chase Team: Dr. David Gold, Roger Hill, Alister Chapman, Rich Hamel, Andrew Gardiner, Bill Gargan, Stuart Robinson, Patrick Martin, Tom Howley, Chris Strahan, Wayne Harrah, Bill Kessler

  • Founded: 1998

  • Prices: $250/day on-call; $2250/week

  • Promo video:

Cloud 9 Tours

  • Chase Team: Charles Edwards, John Guyton, George Kourounis, Mike Theiss

  • Founded: 1996

  • Prices: $2900/two weeks

  • Promo video:

F5! Tornado Chasing Safaris

  • Chase Team: Gregg Potter, Bill Combes, Chris Margison, Jason Webb, David Dildine, Laure Cowen, Jeanne Potter, Richard Ragone

  • Founded: 1999

  • Prices: $3200/week

  • Promo video: 

Windswept Chase Tours

  • Chase Team: Dean Cosgrove, Twister Sisters

  • Founded: ?

  • Prices: $1605/week to $2370/week depending on total number of gueses

  • Promo video: ?

Weather Gods Tornado Chase Tour

  • Chase Team: Mark Lingl, Bruce Vernon, Mark Humphrey

  • Founded: 2006

  • Prices: $2590/week

  • Promo video: ?

Storm Tours

  • Chase Team: Brian Barnes, Jimmy Deguara, Tim Wiegman, Adam Lucio, Paul Manganelli, Sarah Kogler, Tim Kosier, Becky Walden

  • Founded: 2009

  • Prices: $2450/Week - $4150 for 10 Days

  • Promo video:

Twister Tours, USA

  • Chase Team: Bill Schintler, Debbie Mason, Mike Devera, Karen Ransom

  • Founded: 

  • Prices: $2245-2395/6 days - $3145-3295/10 days

  • Promo video: ?

Extreme Chase Tours

  • Chase Team: Lanny Dean, Laura Dean, Jeff Smith, Chad Berryhill, Jill Gilardi, Tyler Mleynek, Eric Duncan, T.J. Smith

  • Founded: ?

  • Prices: $2200-$2700

  • Promo video:

H1 Intercept

  • Chase Team: ?

  • Founded: ?

  • Prices: $2995/week

  • Promo video: ?

Storm Chasing Tornado Tours Adventure Tours Holidays

  • Chase Team: Warren Faidley

  • Founded: ?

  • Prices: $5499-5999/week

  • Promo video: