the dream is dead.

2015, January
Jan 11, 2015Kindness George Saunders' advice to graduates, emphasising the importance of kindness and the role it plays in our gradual process of life. Don't be selfish, be kind to anyone and everyone out there.
2013, November
Oct 31, 2013Most of the time There is a lot to be said, but nobody is there to listen.
2013, August
Aug 8, 2013Hatred is a wasted energy Over the years, this quote has struck me down many times. It's sublime message is easy to overlook but difficult to grasp by looking at our own ideals.
2013, June
Jun 27, 2013Nervosity At certain times, I felt anxious and nervous.
2013, May
May 27, 2013The Paragon Writing is a hard job to do, most of the time you don't even know where you began and where you'd end up.
2013, April
Apr 27, 2013Life as of recent Talking about life and things please and displease me.
2012, October
Oct 30, 2012The Unwritten Story I seem to feel like I'm missing something by not writing the story I've always wanted to write and read. But, I simply can't.
Oct 25, 2012All the things, the possession "If who I am is what I have and what I have is lost then who am I?" - Erich Pinchas Fromm
Oct 15, 2012Taciturnity “The opposite of play is not what is serious but what is real.” - Sigmund Freud
2012, September
Sep 28, 2012Color within the lines
Sep 26, 2012The Long Road Ahead
Sep 18, 2012Naivety
Sep 14, 2012Comments versus Discussion Weighing in the differences between comments and a solid discussion if we're to say something about a topic on the Internet.
Sep 12, 2012Over And Over Again
Sep 10, 2012Removing The Fear
Sep 9, 2012The Journey
Sep 6, 2012A Fresh Start
Aug 24, 2012Currently
Aug 20, 2012An Open Ecosystem
Aug 19, 2012Currently
Aug 18, 2012Change
Aug 18, 2012Unfettered Access
Aug 17, 2012Reading Online
Aug 16, 2012People In Twenties
Aug 15, 2012Medium
Aug 13, 2012Before, it's too late
2012, July
Jul 31, 2012Rethinking Digg
Jul 31, 2012On Being Professional
Jul 30, 2012In Defense Of Twitter
Jul 20, 2012Google buys Sparrow
Jun 16, 201230 Minutes A Day
Jun 9, 2012There's No Better Thing Than To Write Writing is a powerful tool available to all commodity and it takes nothing but an effort, an urge to change something through the beautiful symphony of words.
2012, April
Apr 30, 2012NextDraft
2012, March
Mar 31, 2012Cutting Off
Mar 26, 2012Louis C.K